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'The Enclave Variations' by artist Claire Nichols was a performance I curated at Enclave Lab, a space for emerging curators part of Enclave Projects, an arts infrastructure in South London.


It was part of "Better Together" a programme of curated events devised collectively by Goldsmiths MFA Curating students in 2017.

'The Enclave Variations' is part of Variations (2016-­20), a body of work by artist Claire Nichols where she uses performance to trace her movements in the studio and improvise with musical collaborators.


Using waste materials found on the imaginary shores of building sites, wrecked pieces of dismantled structures, discarded fabrics, spare coloured gels and different light sources, Nichols creates ever-evolving compositions as if moved by tides. These tides are, in fact, an improvised stream of sounds enacted by her musical collaborators, which, in turn, navigate and traverse her drawings in space creating not only a score but also an organic choreography.

More information about Claire Nichols' Variations can be found on the artist's website:

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