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'The Day of the Beast' by artist Javier Chozas was a one-day exhibition and event I curated for the summer programme of Chisenhale Studios on July 24th, 2017.

"The beast is not just a terrifying monster, it is a situation that demands your attention. Come closer, slowly. Face it, look into its many eyes. See how it moves, morphs, grunts. The Beast has something to tell you but it doesn’t speak your language. It is not only in front of you but also inside you."

Part of artist Javier Chozas' work is concerned with the figure of the monster, its social role and the anxiety of human existence in contemporary culture. Using waste materials that build up and seem to grow organically, Chozas' sculptures aim to reflect on our complex and intimate relationships with the dark beasts that surround our daily lives, from the more intimate encounters with ourselves and our flesh to the more structural state violence that regulates our lives.

More information about Javier Chozas' work can be found on his website:

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