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'SET' was a series of events organised by Joan Birulés, Marc Castañé, Alexandra Massagué and myself between 2016 and 2017.


The series invited artists from different fields and musicians from different genres to transform a venue into a unique installation / performance for a small audience.

SET #1. Launching Event. 05.02.2016

Artists: El Changuito.

Musician: Gang Wolf Lightnin'

Location: El Changuito (Barcelona)

SET #2. 20.03.2016

Artist: Iria Do Castelo

Musicians: Harrison Ford Fiesta

Location: Espai Erre (Barcelona)

SET #3. 29.06.2016

Artist: Edouard Cabay & Pep Quílez

Musicians: Urfabrique

Location: Appareil Architecture Studio (Barcelona)

SET #4. 24.07.2017

Artists: Clara Romaní & Octavi Serra (FOS Project)

Musicians: Oscar Jerome

Location: Chisenhale Studios (London)

SET #5. Special event: 12.09.2017

Artist: Sònia Albert

Musician: Pau Vallvé

Location: Private Boat (London)

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